Music Videos

  1. IT Palooza 2012 Playlist
  2. Building Mr. Brown's Gates
    Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
  3. Frankenstein vs. the Black Hole.wmv
  4. Acrylic Prescription
  5. Rock'n Roll Band by Themodius Craw

    I get a kick out of this video for the following reasons:
    1. The song you hear is nowhere near the song being performed on the video
    2. The Bass Player in the video (Scott) is playing the lead/guitar on the Audio
    3. The Guiatar Player in the video (Benny) is playing the Bass on the Audio
    4. The Singer in the video (Duke) is NOT on the Audio
    5. The Drummer in the video (Rod) is singing on the Audio
    6. Rod got the Lyrics by taking the song titles from "Boston's Greatest Hits"
    7. The original recording was just guitar, bass and drums. Rod added the lyrics much later on his own and made the video
  6. Willy Weird